Life Groups

Life Group Here at the Ridge we value time spent in Life Groups. One of our core values is Relationships built through small groups where people can “do life” together in an authentic and encouraging environment.

So … just what is a Life Group, you may be wondering.

Each Life Group consists of about 8 to 12 people who meet together regularly, generally 2 -3 times each month. They may meet in each other’s homes, at church or even at restaurants … the place is not what matters. When they get together they take time to catch up with each other’s lives, discuss a book, video series or book of the Bible with one another and offer each other support with encouragement and prayer. Often times they will schedule community service projects where they can volunteer together.

Author and speaker, Larry Crabb put it this way:

“Community matters.  That’s about like saying oxygen matters.  As our lungs require air, so our
souls require only what communit
y provides.  We were designed to live in relationship.  Without  it,
we die.  It’s that simple.  With out community where we know, explore, discover, and touch one
another, we experience isolation and despair that drive us in wrong directions,
that corrupt our
effort to live meaningfully and to love well.”

Life Groups are not meeting during the Summer
Connect 4 Dinners are meeting instead!
Contact pastor Geoff to get in on the dinner fun!